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Our products and services are aimed to support you throughout the entire life-cycle of your businesses’ assets and operations: from new-build projects, maintenance and shutdowns to modifications and decommissioning.

We will develop and deliver the right solutions to meet your technical and commercial requirements, ensuring safer operations, continued competitiveness and better utilization of assets.

What We Do:

Installation, Service, Maintenance and Repair of:

- Thermal Insulation Systems: High Temperature & Cryogenic      

• Process Piping, Equipment & Storage Tanks      

• Turbines, Boilers, Heat Exchangers & Vessels      

• HVAC, Ducting & Refrigeration Systems      

• Chiller Water Pipe, Pumps & Cold Rooms

- Coatings / Linings / Enclosures      

• Anti-Corrosion / Chemical Resistant / Heat Reduction   

• Fire-rated Board Systems      

• Acrylic Panel Box-up      

• Sound / Vibration Dampening

- Steel Fabrication Works

- Products / Materials    

• Polyurethane Foam Chemical     

• Cladding / Flat Bar / Wire Mesh: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanized Iron

• Insulation Material: Rockwool, Pyrogel, Cellular Glass, PUR/PIR Foam

• Insulation Accessories: Banding, Wingseals, Toggle Latches, Screws, Washers, Rivets, Tapes & Foils